The Importance of Socks in Foot Health

The Importance of Socks in Foot Health

The feet should be washed regularly every day because of perspiration in socks and shoes. After each wash, the fingers should be dried thoroughly with a towel to prevent the formation of media for fungal infections. The socks we use for foot health are of great importance. Especially in socks, cotton should be preferred for health. It should be changed daily.

If you do not choose socks that fit your feet; skin mushroom, calluses, water collection and wounds on your feet may occur.
When choosing socks, we must pay attention to some elements.
1. Never wear shoes without wearing shoes. Since the socks have moisture in the foot, they will prevent fungal skin diseases.
2.Çorap; stops friction and thus prevents calluses and water accumulation.
3. 100% cotton socks allow the foot to breathe and absorb sweat.
4. Your socks should not pinch your wrist or feet. Socks with or without loose tires are preferred.
5. If you have varicose problems, do not neglect the varicose veins. It will be useful for your blood circulation and pain.
6. Tight socks can cause nail to squeeze when fingers are pinched.
7. People whose skin is dry and sensitive; We recommend that the sock is turned upside down and the stitches do not irritate the skin or wear seamless socks.


Feet are a mirror of general health. Rheumatism shows the symptoms of diabetes, nerves, blood circulation and a lot of disease standing first.